Forensic Services

Behavioral Health Center provides a wide range of Guardian Ad Litem, evaluation and treatment services for those involved with family, civil and criminal matters.

Evaluations and Legal Consultations
Evaluations are provided to help the parties consider the possible mitigating, risk of re-offense and settlement factors.  Evaluations are provided for either or both parties involved with District Courts, Maine Family Courts, Probate Courts, Superior Courts and United States Federal Courts.
State and Federal Criminal Actions

  • Sex Offender Risk and Treatment
  • Spousal Abuse / Domestic Violence Risk Evaluations
  • Violence Risk and Treatment Need Evaluations
  • Criminal Pre-Sentence Assessments/Evaluations

Pre-sentence Evaluations

Family and Civil Courts

  • Child Best – interest / Child Custody Evaluations
  • Spousal  Abuse/ Domestic Violence Assessments
  • Sex Offender Re-unification and Safety Consultations
  • Parental Capacity and Child Maltreatment Evaluation


  • Violence Risk and Safety Assessments
  • Behavioral Evaluations and Treatment

Violence Risk and Safety Assessments


  • Criminal case preparation
  • Expert witness examination

Guardian Ad Litem
Guardian Ad Litem is a Quasi-Judicial Officer acting as an agent of the Court.  They have broad discretion which includes attempting to mediate an agreement between the parties so as to act in the best interests of the children or incapacitated person.  William Donahue, LCSW is listed with the Maine Roster of Guardian Ad Litems.

Specialized Forensic Treatment Services
Specialized Treatment Services are provided for Sexual Abuse, Sexually Reactive Children, Mental Health Issues and Anger Management.  Treatment services are provided, when appropriate, and in consultation with the Maine Department of Corrections, Community Corrections (Probation & Parole) and the U.S. Department of Justice probation and Pre-trial Services.  Treatment services are also provided for mental health issues to people supervised by the U.S. Probation and Pre-trial Services.

The following services are also available:

  • Anger Management Training
  • Special Adult Sexual Offender Treatment
  • Adolescent Sexual Behavior and Sexual Offender Treatment
  • Non-Offender and Family of Sexual Abuse Education and Treatment